Embracing Calm, Hope, Awareness, Nurturing, Guidance & Energy

DBL (UNISA) Doctorate Business Leadership, MBA (UNISA) BComm, (UNISA) BA (UP), Master HR professional (Development), BKP International Cert, TRE Provider, 3HO Foundation South Africa.


Organisational Development

Learn from the past, manage the present and invest in the individuals that are the future. Organisations are in need of truly sustainable transformation.

HR Master Professional

Tonja is a Master HR Professional in Organisational Development specialising in change, stress and diversity.


Assisting, teaching and training clients to improve their overall wellbeing, reduce stress and/or reduce pain through Kinesiology, TRE and Yoga.


What is addiction really?

Helpful as our previous discussion on addiction might be, a broader view is necessary to fully understand addiction. Dr Maté … Read moreWhat is addiction really?


As a senior project and team lead in a global manufacturing organisation involved in large scale IT projects, Dr Tonja Blom developed an interest in the effects of change. She increasingly noticed how people struggled with change and how difficulties increased as the pace of change continued to accelerate.


Thanks so much for the class this evening, like all the other classes, Roni says he hasn’t felt this good since his sciatica problem started almost a year ago. He has no pain….thanks so much again!