About Tonja Blom

As a senior project and team lead in a global manufacturing organisation involved in large scale IT projects, Dr Tonja Blom developed an interest in the effects of change. She increasingly noticed how people struggled with change and how difficulties increased as the pace of change continued to accelerate.


During her stay in the Slovak Republic and employment by a multinational company in that country, she witnessed the severe impact of change at a national, organisational and local level. In many ways, these changes were similar to those as experienced in South Africa post-1994.

After returning to South Africa, she became involved in strategic HR in a global manufacturing organisation, which again confirmed the extent to which individuals struggle with change.

Tonja completed her Doctorate in Business Leadership in 2015. Her doctorate study focused on organisational change and leadership and her unique contribution presents a practical roadmap for companies, groups and individuals to navigate change.

A further significant contribution of her doctorate thesis relates to the application of diversity in an African context as well as alternative modalities to alleviate stress, fear and anxiety to ensure optimal cognitive functioning and increased organisational engagement.

Her focus is on enabling sustainable organisational transformation in multicultural environments from an Organisational Change and Development and Strategic Management perspective.


Dr. Tonja Blom
Dr. Tonja Blom


She specifically focuses on integrating the academic and practice domains. She continued to notice how increased stress, fear and anxiety impacts on productivity and relationships (both at work and elsewhere). As a result she has increased her focus on improving human energy to be utilised in any context.

She then became involved in TRE® (Tension and Trauma releasing exercises) to assist individuals and groups who are experiencing increased stress when confronted with organisational change. She has completed TRE® level I and II, and is internationally accredited to facilitate these events.

Tonja is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (Internationally accredited through 3HO) and utilises the ancient principles of humanology to help individuals and groups to deal with life as a human being. Through the application of humanology, she brings practical guidelines and awareness towards the full spectrum of human energies and capacities: physical, mental and spiritual.

Tonja is currently furthering her studies in Applied Kinesiology. In her kinesiology practice she uses muscle feedback as stress monitors in order to identify imbalances in her client’s structural, chemical, mental and emotional energy systems. By correcting these imbalances she re-activates the body’s built-in healing ability as well as identifying external factors affecting client’s wellbeing. Her primary aim is to allow individuals to function optimally.

She was appointed as a Post-Doctorate Fellow at NWU (Mafikeng Business School). She it utilising this appointment to hone her research skills.

The Thesis

Titled "Fusing organisational change and leadership into a practical roadmap for South African organisations"


The blending of hard core academic research with ‘spiritual’ topics is refreshing and highly significant in the world today. People in all walks of life are searching for meaning and this thesis goes a long way in providing answers that will aid the everyday man in the street to manage his/her stressors with dignity and purpose.