I hear you are busy

“Busy-ness” seems to be the new fad. “I am soooooo busy”, the new buzz phrase. “It’s just crazy”. The competition relates to who is busier, who is able to do more and may relay longer narratives about everything that must be done today. This has a ring of conformity – if everybody is busy then … Read moreI hear you are busy

What is addiction really?

Helpful as our previous discussion on addiction might be, a broader view is necessary to fully understand addiction. Dr Maté states that the use of substances like heroin, cocaine, nicotine and alcohol are obvious examples, yet many behavioural, non substance addictions can be highly destructive to physical health, psychological balance, and personal and social relationships. … Read moreWhat is addiction really?

Jung’s archetype on addiction

Our previous discussion on addiction became quite serious and heavy…. So let’s change direction for a moment and look at archetypes. According to Jung, an archetype is a pattern of force that causes external and internal events to constellate around it in specific patterns of meaning. It is thus a “something” that changes both the … Read moreJung’s archetype on addiction

Alternative Intervention Technologies That Facilitate Change

By: Blom Tonja, University of South Africa: Graduate School of Business, Midrand, South Africa. Viljoen Rica, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa ABSTRACT Within the context of organisational change, stress, fear and anxiety dominate the individual landscape. Given the elevated levels of stress, fear and anxiety many individuals find it difficult, if not impossible, to … Read moreAlternative Intervention Technologies That Facilitate Change

Taking control of your life through addiction?

Of course, addiction is one way to deal with a life “out of control”. But that needs answers to two questions: What is a life out of control? And what is addiction? Regarding the first question: When the demands placed upon our bodies exceeds its capacity to expend energy in maintaining homeostasis, we are surely … Read moreTaking control of your life through addiction?

So what is the big deal about wellness and well-being?

Time is flying! How many of us wondered how that happened? The holidays are over and some of us are left with nothing but a huge hangover – be it from overindulging (which takes many forms), overspending or over-compensating. January and February passed in a haze and before we were able to properly take stock, … Read moreSo what is the big deal about wellness and well-being?


Thanks so much for the class this evening, like all the other classes, Roni says he hasn’t felt this good since his sciatica problem started almost a year ago. He has no pain….thanks so much again!