HR Master Professional

Within The Change Well I strive to promote the significance of the unlocking of oneself

As a Master HR Professional in Organisational Development I specialise in change, stress and diversity including the use of some of the approaches below:

  • I follow an inclusive approach with focus on the similarities between us, rather than focusing on those which divide. Focusing on the ways we think and cope allows us to see ways in which we are similar.
  • I assist organisations to align strategic plans with individual and group self-development interventions
  • I help create awareness of one's self-potential by using a focussed approach to reduce stress and trauma manifestations.
  • I assist in observing interconnectedness of most parts of society in order cultivate awareness and meaning. Embracing collaborative methods we define the need for change, strengthen the skills to embrace and nurture change and enable the embodiment of the value of practices like relaxation, breathing and meditation to unlock our potential and increase our self-worth.
  • I work to engage, unfold and allow for a constructive approach to observing change and internalisation of alternative modalities and methodologies in order to achieve successful change.

I have been trained to facilitate groups, of various compositions, to dissect the nature and existence of diversity and to assist and guide through to clear roadmaps to deal with change in a constructive manner. I’m aware of the huge amount of fear, anger, despair and eventual serious stress levels in society.

I use alternative modalities, concentrating on the total person, i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to find answers. To alleviate hidden stumbling blocks and obstacles to reach enlightened appropriate views of possible fresh solutions to problematic areas.

I firmly believe, as I experience it on a daily basis, that a large portion, perhaps the majority of humans, have lost touch with their spiritual side. In many organisations and institutions the importance of the spiritual and humane aspects, are simply ignored or neglected.

Stress and trauma are prevalent in most humans. See my Thesis chapters, 9,10,11,12.

I strive to factor these sensitive and highly controversial phenomenon of a human being into facilitation and discussion, at most endeavours in dealings with my clients.

As coping mechanisms and thinking systems and clarified and explained, a deeper understanding of self and others are allowed to unfold.

All of these assist to bringing meaning and purpose in the individual, group and organisation.


Thanks so much for the class this evening, like all the other classes, Roni says he hasn’t felt this good since his sciatica problem started almost a year ago. He has no pain….thanks so much again!