Organisational Development

Organisations are in need of truly sustainable transformation - Learn from the past, manage the present and invest in the individuals that are the future

Organisational change and transformation is rarely a completely positive experience. Transformation is often hampered by substantial obstacles as changes in the workplace often cause an increase in uncertainty, frustration, fear and stress. Thesis Abstract P4, P5 and Chapter 13, see Management- Anti-Management.

Our world has been transformed by science and technology, with the results being both for the better and worse. They have aided unprecedented advancements. However, these are often accompanied by a change in belief systems. Changes that not everyone is able nor willing to embrace.

Without an awareness of the overall impact a large scale organisational transformation has on individuals, organisations stand to lose the richness of the human spirit.

A different approach

It is my belief that organisational transformation should empower and strengthen employees. As we actively acknowledge and assist the individual to change, we not only change our perceptions about ourselves, but also of others.

A South African product: Transformation framework

I developed a change and transformation framework through South African based research. This framework acknowledges our uniquely African challenges within multinational contexts. The fluidity of this model actively assists individual as well as organisational transformation in order to ensure more successful and sustainable change.

The Definitive Change Game: Organisational change and learning through play.

In order to introduce learning through gaming, I designed a board game which takes the learner on the road to better knowledge, improved management skills, deeper understanding of the impact of change in the organisation through inter alia role play, discussion and conflict resolution thus dealing with the change phenomenon.

The definitive change game is an interactive board game. Through a combination of positional role play individuals and/or teams learn about project management, leadership, the context of management, wellness and most importantly change.

This game allows individuals and teams to understand and experience the tangible and intangible impact of change, decision making and employee actions.


“the old concepts and formulas are no longer adequate to express our modern outlook” –  J Smuts (1925:vi)


The blending of hard core academic research with ‘spiritual’ topics is refreshing and highly significant in the world today. People in all walks of life are searching for meaning and this thesis goes a long way in providing answers that will aid the everyday man in the street to manage his/her stressors with dignity and purpose.