So what is the big deal about wellness and well-being?

Time is flying! How many of us wondered how that happened? The holidays are over and some of us are left with nothing but a huge hangover – be it from overindulging (which takes many forms), overspending or over-compensating. January and February passed in a haze and before we were able to properly take stock, we somehow got back on the hamster wheel and are spinning away again at breakneck speed.

And then of course there is stress. Stress must be one of those words that we use so often, for everything that’s wrong, that it has lost its meaning. Going back to the founding father of the concept stress, Hans Selye, defined stress as “… the non-specific response of the body to any demand placed upon it”. Therefore, distress occurs when demands placed on the body exceed its capacity to expend energy in maintaining homeostasis.

It might be June (or December) before we stop to re-evaluate life again. This re-evaluation might go hand-in-hand with a change of seasons and the resultant flu. It might be the result of an accident or mishap that leaves us wondering again how life has happened with me being so unable to control the basics.

While some of us use these moments to truly stop and take stock, very few of us take the necessary (and often difficult) change in actions which are required to change our lives in a meaningful manner. Such actions might involve a huge change, but more often than not, small changes can go a long way towards happier, healthier living.

So wellness and well-being comes into the picture. We know our fast-paced lives. We know our addictions and we know how hard we work and play. Therefore, as we learnt how to ride a bicycle or swim or play rugby or soccer, in a similar way we have to learn again how to take care of ourselves. There are many alternative ways that are effective, not only to help us cope, but also to help us live more wholly and fully in the moment. As we grow in consciousness we become more present. As we become more present, we experience a more unified state of awareness, experiencing increased interconnectedness, leading in turn, to reduced anxiety and increased ability to live more fully in the present moment.


Thanks so much for the class this evening, like all the other classes, Roni says he hasn’t felt this good since his sciatica problem started almost a year ago. He has no pain….thanks so much again!